Sunday Funday

 Lionel Richie said it best, "I'm easy like Sunday morning." I love Sundays, it's a day of rest and always a family day for us. We live in a quaint little village outside of Chicago. It's why we fell in love with this area and decided to leave the city for a small town. When we were house hunting and drove thru our downtown it reminded me of the picturesque Department 56 Snow Village my mom would put out each year at Christmas time. We have a local hardware store, candy shop, a charming 1920s movie theater, and the best locally owned small boutiques where you are always sure to find the cutest little treasures. All within walking distance, it's such a gift! The even bigger gift of living here is the amazing sense of community and wonderful people we've met. Every Sunday thru the fall there's a French Market where you can pick up locally grown produce, organic meats, fresh flowers, baked goods, much more! I lucked out because this Sunday happened to be the annual summer sidewalk sale celebration for all the local shoppes. I was able to pick up fresh flowers, peaches (for the most amazing peach cobbler.... I'll post the recipe later this week) and even balloons for the kiddos! Nothing makes my three years old's happier than having a balloon to play with. It's always the simple things!

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday with those you love!















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