Nursery Closet with Urban Walls

Just over one month until baby makes her arrival! We are so excited to add a little addition to our family. We’ve been so busy with the first floor remodel we haven’t done much with the nursery. We did have it wallpapered but this weekend I was able to start to tackle the nursery closet. Remember the vinyl wall decal watercolor cherries we put in my daughters room? You can still shop them online. They look just like wallpaper and are so realistic. The great thing about them is the kids can help install and if you change your mind you can easily remove them, no hassle. I always loved Urban Walls vinyl wall sticker lemons and wanted to incorporate into the babies room too.


When you receive your vinyl wall decals they are so simple to still! They come on a sheet of paper and are very easy to peel off. If you want to lay out your pattern before you peel and stick them to the wall, you can cut out each image and use painters tape to tape them to the wall.


My kids were so excited to help and I’d prefer to have them involved. We just hung each vinyl wall decal as we went and I let them each peel off the lemons and stick them where they wanted to. If they made a mistake we could pick up the corner of one of the wall decals, pull it off, then put it back on the wall.

They add a fun pop of color and unexpected whimsical vibe to the closet.




I’ll share more of the nursery once baby arrives!





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