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This week’s round-up is all about coffee tables!  A coffee table is usually the center piece to one of the most popular rooms in a house for any family or guests.  The living room!  I used to think a coffee table’s sole purpose was to be there when I needed to rest a glass, magazine or remote.  I never imagined just how much the design of that table could truly enhance the look of a space that is seen the most.  There are so many fun ways to play with different shapes, sizes, material and styles when it comes to coffee tables and today’s round-up has a little something for everyone.



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You also don’t need to limit yourself to the living room.  The image above is our master bedroom sitting area and it’s one of my favorite spots in our house.  This cozy nook is so relaxing and I love to unwind and read a book, magazine or cuddle up with my laptop and get inspiration for the blog.  This amazing Serena & Lily raffia coffee table brings a great texture and feeling to a coastal corner in our home.  You can check out my full post on my master bedroom oasis here.


Below is my round-up of some really great options for coffee tables.  No matter what size of room you are looking to add to, there is a shape, size and style that will fit just perfect.  Once you’ve picked the right table, the fun part is dressing it up with decor like books, trays, plants or keeping it simple with just a vase and fresh flowers.  I love to keep it clean, simple but inviting and will add a little here and there to it depending on the season or holiday.


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As always I hope you are finding these posts helpful as guides and/or inspiration for finding the look for your own homes.  I would love to hear your comments below on whether or not you have liked and purchased something in the weekly round-ups!



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