Gift Guide for her $100 or Less


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Alright ladies, I might be preaching to the choir with some of these choices here (who needs to be reminded how amazing slippers are?) but in case you’re struggling to put together your wishlist, or want to conveniently leave open a gift guide on the computer for your man to see, here are some of my faves.

I absolutely adore jewelry- bracelets with engraved names, silhouette pendants. If you’re a mama, you might join me by putting one of these Le Papier pendants on your wishlist this year (15% off when you sign up, mention DCORRIGAN at checkout!). Another must-have for moms is this adorable heart-shaped montage of family shapshots. #adorbs

In the realm of self-pampering, you might add to your list some candles to burn while you take a long bath, or a journal to keep your thoughts. Go ahead, ask for something non-functional for Christmas. Yes, a new kitchen appliance or gardening sheers can be nice (especially if you really do love baking or gardening), but it’s okay to say “I really just want some cozy slippers for lazy Sundays!” – do it, I dare you 😉

Happy holidays, friends!





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