#12DaysofHolidays Home Tour


Oh what fun we are having this holiday season! The kids are busy baking cookies for Santa - and themselves - in their newly decorated playroom, which has been visited by the holiday decor fairy (who seems to have a penchant for Pottery Barn...what can I say, the fairy's got good taste). Meanwhile, Mom is having JUST as much fun hosting the #12DaysofHolidays home tour with some of her favorite ladies on Instagram. Speaking of which, visit my Insta profile for GIVEAWAY info which includes a chance to win $800 ($400 to Rugs USA & $400 to Pottery Barn). 

If the playroom wasn't awesome enough, the kids are getting excited to send their wishlists to Santa on this super adorable letterhead made just for us by Deanna from Cake & Flower Paper - you can get some too, shop her site now!

Happy holiday decorating, friends! Stay tuned for more updates from our #12DaysofHolidays home tour!






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