The Sunday 7: Easter Gift Ideas for your Little Ones

Since December I’ve been keeping a donation bag in our pantry and slowly filling it up each day. All the extra trinkets and knick knacks the kids accumulate on the daily find a home there. It has helped tremendously to cut down on all the unnecessary clutter. This year for Easter we are getting highly practical over here. We’ll be filing the Twins Easter baskets with practical items that they can use. Here’s a few ideas for you. Just click on each to shop.



Crab Towel | Gardening Tools | Girls Minnow Swimsuit | Natives | Bow-Tie | Hair Bow | Hunter Wellies | Ice Cream Truck Cardboard Playhouse | Popsicle Maker | Minnow Rashguard | Boys Minnow Swim Bottom | Tote bag


Crab Towel \\  Get them set up for success for Spring break and the pool this summer. Better yet get their named monogramed on it

Gardening Tools \\  Once it warms up your little ones can help you in the garden.

Now is the time to buy Swimsuits. My favorite are these from Minnow Rashguard | Boys Minnow Swim Bottom

Natives are the most practical shoe for Spring/Summer. Easy on and off, cleaning, and you can dress up or down.

Obsessed with these set of Hair Bows  you can get 25 for only $22 in every color of the rainbow

It’s almost lemonade stand/ice cream truck season. Your kids can play make believe in this Ice Cream Truck Cardboard Playhouse  for hours. Because it’s cardboard you won’t feel bad hauling it out on your driveway.

My Aunt got us this Popsicle Maker and we love making homemade popsicles in minutes!

Instead of a traditional Easter basket try filling a Tote bag with surprises from the Easter bunny!

Hoppy Easter!



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