The Sunday 7: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. This week was one of the longer ones. I’m beyond excited tomorrow to be heading to warmer weather. We are celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years is pretty remarkable by today’s standards. Ironically their anniversary is on Groundhog day and I’m sad to say the little bugger saw his shadow, AGAIN, this year.
  2. Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. Want to send something living besides flowers? Check out The Sill. Send someone you love an indoor potted plant. My personal favorite? Plants for beginners, it’s ok if all you did today is survive. Kinda sounds like motherhood somedays (ha!).
  3.  I adore this festive bar cart  from my friend  Sonja. I’ve featured her beautiful home on my Instagram before (you might remember her family & mudroom). She’s has exquisite taste. Her style is clean and neutral, with a mix of coastal infused. Her home is top 3 for me. Make sure you check out her blog  JS Life & Style.

JS Life & Style

4. Is your special someone still looking for gift ideas for you? Share our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with them. It includes everything from artwork, home decor, jewelry to fashion.


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5.  Want something simple to do for your husband or children for Love Day Breakfast?  YOU DONUT KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU was a huge hit at our home last year. Free printable included on the post. All you need is a box, donut and you are in business!

6. Looking for last minute Valentine’s Day DIY Cards to do with your sweets for school? These at home printables are perfect from Monika Hibbs. Just print at home, add your favorite candy, and assemble with love.

7. I have one more last minute Valentine’s Day idea for you. A few years ago I gave Jim a framed copy of the sheet music of our wedding song. Just buy the sheet music here, download at home and frame.

Have a great week!









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