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The holidays are officially over. We’ve had a blast enjoying time with dear family and friends, and indulging in all our favorite things. Let’s face it friends, getting back on track after all this fun is hard… #thestruggleisreal. Today I'm sharing 5 tips that work to help me keep exercising each week.

1. Schedule. Literally put it on your calendar. Schedule time for yourself! You have to put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others 🙂 Whatever you can swing, however many times a week. I prefer to work out in the morning when my children are at school. If I can squeeze in 3x a week, I feel pretty darn good. Props to my husband who gets up every morning at 4:30 am to hit the gym before work. He swears by it and I will say, the mornings that I do exercise, it provides me with more than enough energy to keep up with my busy twins all day long. 

2. Classes. I absolutely LOVE Zumba. It’s a cardio/dance class to upbeat music. I adore it because I have so much fun that entire hour I forget I’m even working out. What I love even more than the class is the women in it. We have an amazing, supportive community of women (all age ranges from teenagers to grandmas) - I genuinely look forward to seeing my Zumba crew each week. It helps to keep me accountable, and who doesn’t want to have fun while burning a few calories?

3. Workout Gear. I’m a believer if you look good you feel good. How lucky are we that it's completely acceptable now to wear workout clothes all day long (even if you don’t plan on exercising - but it's the New Year, so of course we are exercising). Added bonus, great brands like Zella, LuLu, & Alo make gear that works wonders hugging and lifting in all the right spots. So invest in a new pair of sneakers or a fun workout top or Fitbit. You deserve it!!! If it excites you and makes you want to work out a little more, the investment was well worth it.

4. Buddy Up. Grab a girlfriend and try something new: Yoga, Barre Method, Crossfit, Orange Theory, Flywheel - there are SO many different classes available now. The great thing is that most of these fitness studios/programs will offer a trial class for free or a discounted rate. If you don’t like it, at least you have a friend in tow for moral support.

5. Childcare. Try to find a gym that has a childcare center too. The gym we belong to has a center which will watch your children for up to two hours at a time. It helps take the worry out of scheduling time to workout and the kids have an absolute blast running off their energy (especially in the winter months) while Mom’s sweatin’ to the oldies.

Now let's get moving!







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