Your BFF is your person. She has been with you through highs and lows, and you know each other better than hardly anyone else. So naturally, you want to get her something as personal, chic, and full of pizazz as she is (and do it all without breaking the bank…) We’ve got your go-to gift guide for your go-to girl, under $25!

  1. Ceramic Jar Candle | 2. National Park Crew Socks | 3. Sancho Tassel Drop Earrings | 4. Terracotta 2-Pocket Notebook Set | 5. Zodiac Decorative Charm | 6. Lip Gloss | 7.  Pajama Shorts | 8. Manicure Set | 9. Leather Travel Jewelry Box | 10. ‘Best Babes’ Wine Glass Set | 11. ‘Breathe, Mama, Breathe’ Book

1. Ceramic Jar Candle: Bring beachy vibes to your favorite vacation buddy or coast lover, this scented candle’s illustrated exterior is almost at beautiful as its scent.

2. National Park Crew Socks: Perfect to romp around the house or tuck into booties, these socks in vintage stripe are great for any occasion.

3. Sancho Tassel Drop Earrings: Add joy to her ears with these earrings that pair well with her velvet party dress or simple pull-over sweater.

4. Terracotta 2-Pocket Notebook Set: Inspire her creativity or her agenda, with these beautifully illustrated notebooks.

5. Zodiac Decorative Charm: Bring some bling to her bracelet, necklace or keychain with this personal, customizable charm.

6. Lip Glass: Going back to the basics, and having the perfect lipgloss is essential. Nothing will brighten her face more than a little shine.

7. Pajama Short: So maybe your sleepover days are over, but these cozy bottoms in cotton flannel will put her right to sleep, even better than that pillow fight.

8. Manicure Set: Classy and classic, give her this little gift of self care that she can slip into her purse or suitcase as she’s running out to finish shopping.

9. Leather Travel Jewelry Box: Let her keep her treasures organized and secure on the go, this gorgeous leather box also comes with a mirror for those unpredictable getting ready moments, because you’ve seen her schedule and you know how it goes…

10. ‘Best Babes’ Wine Glasses: because you know that being able to relax together has been what keeps your hearts as full as your glasses.

11. ‘Breathe, Mama, Breathe’ Book: Give her the gift of prioritizing herself…for five minutes at least. These little tips for mindfulness will be her guide for turning her daily grind into moments of daily gratitude. Great for the your yoga-loving or busy-momming bestie.





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