Updating Your Front Doors

Hi Friends! So thrilled to share our most recent home project reveal….. our new front doors and hardware! We’ve been getting so many questions from you all wanting to know the details so scroll down to read more.

Of all the home improvement projects we’ve done so far to our home getting new front doors has made the greatest impact. Before our entryway was dark, I mean really dark. In the Midwest during the winter months  the sunsets in December around 3:30pm. In the afternoons I used to put on every possible light in our entryway just to see.

Now, it is so bright and airy it actually took us a week or so to get used to! Jim and I would often wake up in the morning and think we accidentally left the doors open. I can’t tell you the world of difference all the magnificent light makes streaming in! Putting in new doors with updated hardware has dramatically changed the curb appeal of our home. It 100% updates our home and is more conducive to the style of our home.

When researching what brands to go with Simpson (doors) and Baldwin (hardware) kept popping up as the #1 hand-crafted manufacturers in both their perspective spaces.

Simpson Door Company has a very helpful design tool on their website called DOORmagination. I was able to upload a picture of our old entryway (including front door) to virtually drag and drop new door options to help visualize how it would look.

You’ll want to have a professional come out and measure but went with Thermal French Doors with beveled glass. You can see what beveled looks like better in the picture below.

To find your local Simpson dealer visit’s Simpson Door’s website and enter your zip code.

In terms of hardware we loved Baldwin’s La Jolla Handleset (love the classic pitcher style) in Satin Nickel.

Our doors have locks on the inside of them but for an added layer of protection we added four ornamental heavy duty surface bolts.


Similar to lighting, door hardware is the crown jewel of our entryway. We couldn’t be more pleased. To find your local Baldwin dealer you can simply visit Baldwin’s website.

Simpson is running a 12 Doors of Christmas sweepstakes on Facebook. Enter for a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card.


Here’s a good ‘ole before photo for you!

I’d love to here your comments below.



Thank you to Simpson Doors & Baldwin Hardware for partnering with me on this project. All opinions + images are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me.











  • Hi Katie,
    After looking at Dutch Doors and French Doors from Simpson and Pella, I really liked yours and bookmarked them. I was wondering if you could help me out with my order because I need to know what features you put when ordering your doors. My door will be a single door 32 x80 inches and I want it in the paint grade like yours and in white. I will also do the bevel. It gives so many other features like 5 1/2 stile width, and sticking, etc. and I thought I would ask you what you put to get such a beautiful end result. I hope you see this and I am including having the low E so those were the options I was considering. I hope you have time to answer.

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