Toddler Girls Room Sponsored by Wayfair

I’m excited to share our toddler girls makeover today on the blog, sponsored by Wayfair. When we bought our home over 9 years ago we were a family of 4. I often wondered if we’d have one more. This room sat empty and was a run off for extra toys,  for the twins at the time. I’d often pass through and feel a little twinge of pain. I envisioned one more child in this room.  Filling it with love, joy, and life.

Three years ago we lovingly welcomed our missing piece. Our caboose has completed our family. Somehow we no longer have a baby, but a toddler. It was time for our toddler to transition out of her crib into a twin bed. To see what the nursery looked like before check out my nursery reveal here. Along with our nursery closet blog post here.

When she could climb in and out of the crib I started searching online for an upholstered bed, and found the perfect one on  by WayfairThe color is Linen Talc and it is currently on sale!

The neutral upholstered bed is timeless and will continue to work no matter how she decides to change her room. I love the upholstered sides because you don’t need to worry about exposed metal or a bed skirt.

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