Summer Checklist

School is officially out for summer! One week in and we are already out of our regular routine. After a few mornings of the kids waking up early and immediately asking to watch television I knew we needed to get some sort of schedule stat. QUE the Summer Checklist. A productive to-do list that the kids need to check off before getting any screen time. It keeps us all accountable and gives them a sense of responsibility and reward. Summer checklist = Self preservation 🙂

I enlisted my talented friend Jen from Park and Mads to illustrate the Summer Checklist. Jen does illustration and design work including everything from invitations, to logos, and family crests. She took my idea and ran with it. She even drew little creases in the bed pictured on the checklist -sigh!

Local friends, I emailed the Summer Checklist PDF document to our local FEDEX. They printed in color for me and you can laminate yourself there. Tape to your refrigerator and have the kids use an expo marker to check off each task they’ve completed each day. Your welcome 🙂





Special thank you to Jennifer Murphy from Park & Mad for creating the Summer Checklist 

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