#SpringIntoHome Tour: Bria Hammel

Friends I’m so excited it’s Bria Hammel‘s turn on the #SpringIntoHome Tour – her home gives me a major case of heart eyes. Luckily for the world, her gift for interior design isn’t just a hobby, but her job! She regularly features projects on her website (like this one with the most gorgeous office space inside – I seriously need that fuschia and gold foil wallpaper!) as well as some insider tips and tricks (planning Easter brunch? Let Bria help).

Her family moved into their home just a year and a half ago, and like our family, has been enjoying the ongoing process of making it theirs one room at a time. At the time they moved in, their youngest was just six weeks old! So I guess instead of new mom brain Bria got new mom insanely productive creativity?

Right from the get-go their home is filled with natural light. I love their entryway and its inviting openness, and it carries over into their great room (which, by the way, she says is still “a work in progress” but looks pretty fab to me).

I am absolutely head over heels for Bria’s kitchen. I don’t know where to start. The bronze lights, the blue-grey backsplash, the giant island, the gorgeous barstools… every inch of that kitchen is heavenly. Bria’s style is beautiful and functional, which I love – it’s my philosophy for my own home, too.

Remember that fuschia and gold foil wallpaper I loved from one of her design projects? Bria’s own home features a few equally amazing wallpapers, carefully placed. One of the more recently redone rooms in the Hammel home is the mudroom, and it features a refreshing floral wallpaper that makes my heart skip a beat.

Her munchkins have quite the deluxe accommodations as well. Her daughter’s nursery is another one of those to-die-for wallpapered rooms. Swoon!

Bria’s home just seems to breathe happiness to me: the colors, the natural light, the practicality yet gorgeousness of it… phenomenal. I’m so thrilled to be included in a home tour with Bria, as she’s a lovely friend and, clearly, an oh-so-talented designer. Make sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram to see more of her home and work, and follow our home tour with the hashtag #SpringIntoHome!



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