Our Life Transition to Three: Baby 2 months

Well, we made it. Last Sunday marked Baby Girl turning 2 months, and we’ve officially transitioned to a family of five. What a wild, happy, crazy, exciting ride it’s been. She definately completes our family and the twins have loved loving on her. They want to help change her diapers, read to her, and play with her. It’s absolutely heartwarming to see our children interact with their new sibling. We’re obsessed with her coes and sweet little hands and feet. Her baby smells and endless cuddles are the mom fuel that keep me going. Current nicknames are sweet lips, Bean, Bear, and Goo.

Alot of you have asked about transitioning to a family of 5. Truth be told, for me,  it’s been harder than having twins.  When we had the Twins we didn’t have older children who needed to get to and from school everyday, have activities, need three meals a day etc. With the twins I could try to “sleep when the babies sleep.” The first three months is always the hardest, but I can truly say our little tribe is complete. We’d be lost without the unbelievable help and generosity of loving family and friends. Our friends set up a meal train for us and I’ll forever be indebted to them!

At 2 months Baby Girl is holding her head up stronger, cooing and making noises at us, opening up her hands more, and giving us smiles. She is battling with reflux so we work hard to keep her as comfortable as possible.

As you know with baby there is not really alot you need.  Here are a few baby items we are using  at 2 months that make a huge difference in our day to day:

Willow Pump

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier

Play Mat

Pacifier and Clip

Hatch Baby Rest

In case you missed it I did include her nursery reveal, closet reveal, and my baby gear guide here.



Photos by Lindsey Taylor Photography



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