Lemon Love

Summer has shown no signs of slowing down. We are still full speed ahead and have one more month until school starts. If you have children then you know it’s non-stop fun, playdates and entertaining. I literally don’t think I can eat anymore pizza. I wanted to come up with easy party food your kids will appreciate that doesn’t require delivery or you turning on the oven. I enlisted the talented ladies of Line & Lee who always bring the taste without all the fuss. Hosting soon? Below we’ve come up with an easy playdate spread that your littles will love.



p b & J sushi whole wheat bread with peanut butter & jelly) skewer and add blueberries.

Tip: Allergy allert? Substitute Sunflower seed butter for peanut butter



line & lee lemon ice

For the Mommas serve a crudite platter, snacks and line & lee FROZE




line & lee lemon ice
makes 10-12 servings
recipe note: easy

5 cups water
1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar – depending on sweetness preference
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (approx. 4 lemons juiced)
zest of 1 lemon
whip cream – optional for serving

in a medium sized pot, add the water and sugar. heat over medium heat until the sugar is completely dissolved and then allow to cool. once cooled add the sugar water to the 9×13 baking dish. then add the lemon juice and lemon zest. place in freezer for at least 6 hours. when ready to serve, use a fork to scrape and fluff the “ice.” spoon into bowls and serve with whip cream. this will keep for 1 month (tightly covered) in the freezer.

line & lee FROSÈ
makes 5 servings
recipe note: easy

1 bottle of rosé – it’s best to use a full-flavored, darker-colored rosé
1 cup strawberries – trimmed and hulled
1 lemon – juiced
4 TBS powdered sugar

pour the bottle of rosé into a 9×13 baking dish. then place in the freezer and chill until completely frozen (approx. 4-6 hours). once frozen add the strawberries, the lemon juice, the frozen rosé, and the powdered sugar to the blender and blend until completely combined. this can be made up to one week in advance and placed back in the baking dish, covered in the freezer. once ready to serve, let sit out for (approx.) 15 minutes and then use a fork to scrape the rosé. spoon into cups and serve!

Cheers to a great rest of your summer!



Thank you Lulaflora for the piñata lemons






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