Why does 31 flavors just never seem enough? No matter the number of choices I always seem to gravitate to my favorite…Chocolate Peanut Butter 🙂 It has to be the salty & sweet combo, it gets me every time. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a Chocoholic, always have been always will be.


The Twins are at such a great age this summer and we’ve really enjoyed exploring, creating, and using our imaginations. I’ve been thinking of setting up a stand for them to play with and also use to sell lemonade, cookies, or ice cream for fun. As a child I used to LOVE setting up a stand at the end of our driveway with my sister. Granted customers were few and far between, outside of a few obligatory neighborhood friends, but we always had a blast together and took away a few life lessons in the process. I think that’s where my entrepreneurial spirit originated. Well it’s hard to say, selling Girl Scout Cookies door to door was a close second 🙂  We would sell anything from the traditional lemonade and cookies, to hand crafted toe weave bracelets and God’s Eye Yard pieces. Yes I’m a child of the 80s, do you remember those? You would glue two Popsicle sticks together in the shape of a cross and weave the yarn around them in a diamond shape.


I started doing some due diligence to research ready-made stands and couldn’t find much, so I headed over to Home Depot and improvised.


Just a HINT you can order supplies you need at or call your local store and purchase and they will have them ready for you when you walk into the store for pick up at Customer Service. This is a HUGE time saver and help especially with kids in tow. If you are not especially handy or do not have access to power tools the friendly folks at Home Depot can make all the necessary cuts for you. Every time I go to Home Depot they are always beyond helpful & can help provide practical solutions to bring my vision to life.







Home Depot

1 1×8 8ft Common Board (Cut in 4 pieces) (SKU #914-835)

1 1×4 8ft Common Board (Cut in Half) (SKU# 914-681)

1 2×6 Common Board (Cut to 28 inches long) We had an extra piece in our garage so my hubby just used our hand saw

4 Packages 2-1/2 inch Corner Brackets

1 Package 1-1/2 inch Corner Brackets

1 Can Flat White Spray Paint

4-2 inch screws


Hobby Lobby

3 yards of Fabric (Make sure you have them cut 2 yards and then 1 separate yard, you’ll need 2 yards for base and 1 yard for canopy)

4 yards of 1 1/2″ Ball Fringe

Don’t forget their amazing 40% OFF Mobile Coupon




Staple Gun

Hot Glue Gun

Hand Saw (if Home Depot doesn’t cut your wood)

Just in case you need a visual I’m including pictures of what the  1×8 (SKU #914-835) 1×4 (SKU# 914-681) Common Board looks like 🙂



1 1×8 8ft Common Board (Cut in 4 pieces) (SKU #914-835)


1 1×4 8ft Common Board (Cut in Half) (SKU# 914-681)



1-Join together 4 pieces of 1×8 8 foot common boards using a drill and 4 Packages 2-1/2 inch Corner Brackets You’ll use 2 brackets in each corner to join together boards


2-Next center & screw in your screws attaching  the 1×4 8ft Common Board pieces to each side  of the box you’ve created. Put 2 screws on each side of the box one at the top and one at the bottom (4 screws total) to fasten the boards together.




3-Next cut the 2×6 (only if you didn’t have Home Depot Cut)  and fasten with brackets to top of 1×4 foot boards to create canopy (I’m sorry forgot to take a picture of this part 🙂


4-Spray Paint Sides and Top of Stand

IMG_1413 3


5-Time to add your fabric. Fold the two yards of fabric in half and staple around the bottom box of the box. I put one staple on each stripe. It fits perfectly and you should not have to cut any of the fabric.




6.  Next cut the remaining one yard of fabric with scallops (if desired) fold over top 2×6 wood piece & staple




7. With a glue gun, glue your Pom Pom trim around the top of the fabric on the base unit to cover up staples. You will have some remnant trim you won’t need, just cut off remaining.



and you are DONE!! Time to grab those kiddos & go enjoy some fun with your new stand.













If you have any questions feel free to post in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer.




P.S. The ice cream banner I used is Rifle Paper Company I’ve had for years & actually used at Twins Baptism Party


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