Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts Under $25

We’ve all been there, it’s a few hours before the holiday party. You have the invite, the perfect dress, but still need the perfect way to honor the hostess. Have no fear! Below are gifts for her home and future entertainment, all under $25!

  1. Champagne Bears | 2. Decorative Matches | 3. Jar Candle  | 4. Glass Shadow Boxes | 5. Coffee Table Book | 6. Bath Brushes | 7. Slivered Geode Coasters | 8. Yucatan Calendar | 9. Hand Soap | 10. Wooden Vase Sculptures | 11. Pineapple Bottle Opener | 12. Berry Box White Colander | 13. Patriotic Bath Towel

1. Champagne Bears: Gummy candy for adults! These treats pair perfectly with her holiday drinks.

2. Decorative Matches: Light the party fire with these decorative matches. Bonus: they look great on a coffee table.

3. Jar Candle: Infuse her home with tropical scents to brighten the darkening evenings.

4. Glass Shadow Boxes: Add charm to her dresser, shelfie, or end table with these decorative boxes to organize her accessories.

5. Coffee Table Book: Tips for adding her own unique flair to her home, this book will be a compliment to her style and inspiration for parties to come.

6. Bath Brushes: For decompressing after the guests leave, these japenese-inspired bath brushes exfoliate the skin and hang beautifully on the bathroom wall.

7. Slivered Geode Coasters: These inspired pieces add a pop of color and flair beneath any hot toddy or cup of cocoa.

8. Yukon Calendar: Colorful, stylized images from Yukon, Mexico to bring brightness and joy to the home.

9. Hand Soap: blended with shed-butter and chamomile to hydrate your chapped hands, this beautiful bottle also lends a chic touch to the bathroom.

10. Wooden Vase Sculptures: Warm up the home with these soft vases to display greenery or accent a garland, covered console.

11. Pineapple Bottle Opener: Pop a top with this decorative bottle opener, as functional as it is adorable.

12. Berry Box Colander: Make berry washing a breeze with this little colander, that transitions easily from rinsing to serving so you don’t have to wet chapped hands.

13. Patriotic Bath Towel: dress up the bathroom with these mixed prints, giving your space a classic Americana flair this season.






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