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Most nights we are falling asleep before our heads even hit the pillows over here. That being said, of any room in our house, this is where my husband and I spend the most time. It’s important that our bedroom is our oasis from the crazy day to day.

It’s not perfectly clean, and I don’t make our bed everyday, but in the chaos I know everyday this is where I go to recharge my battery. Today I’m sharing how to style your nightstand three different ways.

Nightstand Style #1

As a rule of thumb I like to keep under 5 items on nightstand so they space doesn’t get cluttered. Free up space by opting for a sconce versus table lamp. Also hang pictures or artwork on the wall. At night I charge my phone across the room so when I have to wake to my alarm I physically have to get up to turn it off. A clock helps to keep track of time and serves as a second alarm if necessary.

Nightstand Styling     

Nightstand Style #2

Storage can be important. If your nightstand doesn’t have any drawers use baskets to put magazine and books you are reading. A tray is helpful to place wet / hot drinks or corral jewelry you take off at night. It’s relaxing to keep a candle next to your bed and including something sentimental, like a framed family picture is a must.

Lena Serving Tray

  Nightstand Styling

Nightstand Style #3

Two go-to home decor items next to my bed are a plant and something sentimental. Personalize your space with framed family pictures of fond memories either on your nightstand or hung on the wall. Flowers don’t last but plants provide a lasting pop of green, even in these chilly winter months.

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