Gear Up

The new year brings new resolutions but some can remain the same 🙂  How many of you had health, wellness and exercise on that list of “new year new me” accomplishments!?  Yes, well me too and I’m a strong believer that in order to feel good about working out you need to look good and have the right equipment to support your wellness journey.  As a busy SAHM I spend most days in workout clothes. Thank goodness  we’re able to sport our workout clothes even on days it’s more “leisure” than athleisure.  Having the right fitness gear is important. You have to be comfortable, and a key componet to that is positively accentuating your assets.  I took a long time to carefully choose each of these items as there’s SO much fitness gear on the market today.  But here is a roundup of my overall favorite things to have as we continue to make healthy living a priority this year.










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