Friday Follows // 2.3.17

Happy Friday, friends! It’s time for another set of #FridayFollows – I have five more ‘grams and blogs I want to share with you this week. There are lots of great content creators and curators out there, but these five have been some of my favorites and I want to make sure you don’t miss ’em!

Liz Joy (insta: @PureJoyHome // blog: Pure Joy Home) This adorable mama runs a gorgeous life and style blog that’s more than just beautiful photos; tips, tricks, recommendations, and honest stories from her life (I love how real she is, so refreshing!). She has a great sense of style, and I love her bright and airy home aesthetic. Plus, we share a love for pineapples and the beach – what’s not to love, right?

Erin (insta: @ThrifyNiftyNest) I have a special place in my heart for Erin, she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders from the very beginning! She’s from Dallas, where she used to be part of the #TexasDesignGals who found a picture I posted of my built-ins (which she called the Eiffel Tower of shelfies, which I think is hilarious!). A real girls’ girl, Erin is super loving and supportive and has an amazing eye for interior design. She works with companies and to do styling and marketing for them – I’m in love with her weekly  #ThriftyNest…make sure to check out her feed! 

Brandi (insta: @DontDisturbThisGroove) There are two major reasons I love Brandi’s feed. The first is the food. She regularly shares new recipes she’s trying and they always look so dang delicious! Seriously, go look for yourself. The second reason is Brandi does such a great job of decorating on a budget, she knows how to get the mix of bargain deals and splurge items just right. In one photo, she’ll tag pieces that she got from Marshall’s or Ross next to pieces from West Elm or Anthropologie. Her dining room makeover was just featured on Martha Stewart – go Brandi!

Jenn Lake (insta: @JenniferLake // blog: Style Charade) I am absolutely head over heels for Jenn’s Instagram feed, I honestly can’t pick my favorite part: the gorgeous outfits, the hilarious puns in her captions, or the stunning effect of the photo compositions. Her feed is so creative and thoughtful, it really is a treasure. PLUS, on her blog she has a map of all the walls and murals she takes photos in front of so you can track them down too! Quite the goldmine.

CC and Mike (insta: @CCandMikeCreative // blog: CC + Mike) I appreciate that their blog and Instagram are such a family affair. They have a great design eye, I love their eclectic home (the blue velvet chairs in the living room? to die for!), and their lifestyle blog has lots of great content worth checking out. In addition to the blog and ‘gram, they also run a print shop!

There you have it, my top five of the week! I hope you join me in following them and fawning over all their great content! Cheers to the weekend ????







  • I’m so incredibly honored to be included in this!! Thank you for thinking of me and the kind, thoughtful words. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!!

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