Updating our home with exterior shutters

We’ve been in our home for 6 years now. It has taken that long for us to slowly make updates and there are still projects and rooms that need to be finished. Proof that you don’t need to rush and do it all at once. Home improvements can be overwhelming and financially not feasible to all knock out in one fell swoop.

In addition to the interior of our home, the exterior of our home needed several updates. The previous home owners never painted the exterior window trim. So while the windows were white the trim was beige. The exterior windows did not aesthetically look right.  We wanted the windows painted and protected from the elements. The window trim was painted several years ago, but still something was missing.

We decided to update our home with exterior shutters. Exterior shutters add a pop of color,  dimension, and architectural interest to any home. Our windows needed to be framed in because looking at our house there was just so much white space without any color. Adding shutters made a huge impact with our curb appeal.

Before without shutters


I started researching shutters. I didn’t want to buy plastic ones that would not last given our extreme cold to hot temperatures we experience in the Midwest. My parents installed Timberlane Shutters on their home and were very happy with how they held up.


Exact shutters & shutter hardware we purchased

Shutter Panel: https://www.timberlane.com/products/exterior-shutters/shutter-styles/panel/fup/


Plate Pintel : https://www.timberlane.com/store/product/heavy-duty-plate-pintel/


Strap Hinge: https://www.timberlane.com/store/product/heavy-duty-tapered-strap-hinge/


Bullet Catch: https://www.timberlane.com/store/product/bullet-catch/


The folks at Timberlane Shutters were incredibly helpful and guided us on how to measure the windows to order the shutters. Allow minimum 6 weeks for manufacturing and shipping since all shutters are custom.




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