Daily Checklist

School has been cancelled indefinitely. My little ones will be participating in e-learning everyday. We all crave normalcy in all the chaos, and uncertainty. Routine helps to achieve that and will keep our daily lives in check. QUE the Summer Checklist. A productive to-do list that the kids need to check off before getting any screen time. It keeps us all accountable and gives them a sense of responsibility and reward. My friend Jen from Park and Madison made the checklist last summer and we can all use it now, more than ever!

Jen does illustration and design work including everything from invitations, to logos, and family crests. She took my idea and ran with it. She even drew little creases in the bed pictured on the checklist -sigh!

Just print at home,  tape to your refrigerator and have the kids check off each task they’ve completed each day. Your welcome 🙂



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