Cocktail Room Reveal

Is a house ever really done ?!? If I had to answer that I’d say no. Liken it to people, we are constantly evolving. As our family has grown our needs have changed. Then insert COVID. Our children were doing at home learning during the pandemic. My husband was working from home full-time. Like our everyday, our living spaces had to change. Hence, our cocktail room was born.

The kids no longer used our front room as a playroom. We found they primarily enjoy arts and crafts in the kitchen. Our 3 year-old, a budding Picasso, must be supervised especially with markers. Our playroom was mostly sitting empty.

During the pandemic my husband and I would steal time away after dinner to be together. It was our 15 minute daily ritual where we could escape, shut the doors, and talk about everything going on in the world. Without our children having to overhear. The cocktail room, cocktails or not, became our sanctuary.

I painted our front doors a dreamy blackish gray from Sherwin Williams called Iron Ore. We had leftover paint so that was the catalyst of going dark in the cocktail room.

Comfy high back upholstered chairs were a must. We lucked out finding this arylss accent chairs from Safevieh. The dark fabric is forgiving and lends itself to having young children.

I fell in love with the the walnut legs on this syrio round marble coffee table.

My biggest advice when re-thinking a space is shop your own home. It’s amazing how bringing in a rug or plant from another room, can seamlessly add new light to a space. We brought down this rug and cowhide from our master sitting room. Layering it, along with our drapes, really helps with acoustics in the room. Curtain rods, drapes, and hardware are all from Amazon.

Once you sit inside with the french doors closed it really does feel private. I purchased a swatch booklet from the manufacturer on Amazon. After we painted the walls,  I decided to go monochromatic and was able to closely match the drape color. I highly recommend them as they are more cost efficient than going custom.

Finally, this Williamsburg light from Hudson Valley is reminiscent of a parlor bar. It’s the crown jewel in the space with the aged brass rods also wrapped in rattan.

The linen shades softly diffuse the light providing just the perfect glow. I did purchase 3000k LED light bulbs on Amazon to be more energy efficient and give off the ideal soft white glow.

Please weigh in on  what you think of our new cocktail room below in the comments. Cocktail rooms seem to be the new unused living rooms of our childhood.



Thank you to Safevieh & Hudson Valley Lighting for working with me on this room


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